Blood Egg. Oil Paint

Blood Egg. Oil Paint

Blood Egg. Oil Paint

Blood Egg. Oil Paint

Amandda Tirey

New Albany, OH


2002  MFA  The Ohio State University
1997  BFA  The Ohio State University

Solo Exhibitions

2015  Art of Amandda Tirey, Yoga Gallery, Columbus, OH
2012  Ray's Living Room Gallery, Columbus, OH
2009  Ohio Art League, Columbus, OH
2008  Grip Gallery Space, Columbus, OH
2002  Dragonfly Annex Gallery, Columbus, OH
1999  Galaxy Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Group Exhibitions

2015  The Ohio State Fair
2015  National Motorcycle Museum, Anamosa, IA
2012  Carnegie Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2012  Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery, Columbus, OH
1998  Columbus Museum of Art

Selected Collections

Joyce and Charles Shenk
Janice Roth
Douglas Fordyce
Tasi and Kent Rigsby

Artist Statement

Intrigued by space and the vast biological existence inside and around us,  I imagine capturing energy stills from observing active forms floating and growing in ambiguous spaces or slices of matter with unknown origins delicately placed in a Petri dish.  I create my own visual science by bringing to life these fictional micro Liquidscapes and grand nebulous worlds.

My paintings are executed free hand using fine-line edge techniques to create the illusion of motion.  I use vibrant colors to beautify the subject of disturbed or agitated cellular bodies, whimsical parasites, strange plant life and mysterious germy little beings.  Painting many layers creates real depth of space where these stylized characters can pool together, wander around harmoniously, or stack like stones of a cairn marking their path as they create new strands of strange DNA. I even like to imagine alien teardrops running on a glassy surface, the way rain scatters on a windshield or maybe dew slipping off a locust wing.  These succulent shapes in action are never contained or defined by the edges of the canvas; their mystical worlds are either bound by unseen flesh, or perhaps by nothing at all and wondering free in a far off galaxy.

These larger (or smaller!) than life oil paintings act as therapy for me as well as for others, stimulating the imagination with positive visual energy.  Each piece taunts, seduces and captivates while helping the observer step into the unknown and letting his or her mind run wild.  My work has been described as "what the world of Dr. Seuss might look like under a microscope!"  This statement makes me feel that the work is having precisely the effect I intended.

It only took two years to finish this egg from conception to birth.  Tossing around many ideas, I didn't know where to start for the first few months then it just hit me - when in doubt go metallic - so hot rod red was the first layer of goodness, followed by several benign shapes of various colors, finished with superhero germs to pack a punch - one layer at a time - period after period - until it was done. Out there. side up.

My modern century egg with hopefully a better taste.  It was a pleasure being part of this fragile challenge.... i didn't break the egg...  what more can I say?