Knot. Acrylic Paint

Knot. Acrylic Paint

Knot. Acrylic Paint

Knot. Acrylic Paint

Amy Casey

Cleveland, OH


1999  BFA  The Cleveland Institute of Art

Solo Exhibitions

2013  Putting Down Roots, Zg Gallery
          Balancing New Growth, Foley Gallery
2012  Establishing a Solid Ground,
          Rueff Galleries
          Building Towards a Solid Ground,
          Michael Rosenthal Gallery
2011  Boom Town, Zg Gallery
2010  Amy Casey, Hudson D. Walker Gallery
          Amy Casey, Michael Rosenthal Gallery
2009  Uncertain Times, Zg Gallery
2008  New Paintings, POV Evolving Gallery
2007  Strange Days, Zygote Press
2006  Strange Days, Zygote Press

Group Exhibitions

2014  Rarely Home, Maria Neil Art Project
          Space/Squared, White Walls Gallery
2013  Obsessive Intricacies, Zygote Press
          Norwood and Underline Present, Underline Gallery
2012  A Tale in Two Cities, Reinberger Galleries
          Architectural Deinforcement,
          Cerritos College Art Gallery,
          Peripheral Vision: View from Ohio Printmaking
, Urban Arts Space
          Space/Form, Breeze Block Gallery
          Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Copro Gallery
2011   Looking Forward, Foley Gallery
          Bodies of Water, Indianapolis Museum
             of Contemporary Art
          April Sky, Vaudeville Park
          In the Trees, Clifton's Brookdale
2010  State of the City, Rochester
             Contemporary Art Center
           Community and Loneliness, Paragraph Gallery
2009  The American Scene,
              Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts
           There Goes the Neighborhood,
              The Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland
2008  Painting Pink Pajamas,
              Contemporary Art Center of Peoria
           Living in Your Imagination, Spaces

Selected Collections

Progressive Insurance
Cleveland Clinic

Artist Statement

I have been painting cities of a sort for some time now, arranging and re-arranging them, thinking about community, balance and growth, with a curiosity about what holds us together.  I also work with an eye to cause and effect - asking myself the question, “What’s next?"  Always on the edge of destroying and saving my own painted towns. 

When I got my hands on the egg, I thought it would be interesting to try to make an egg-shaped 3D version of the knot city paintings I make.  I am strictly a 2D gal, so trying to compose around a surface was a challenge.  The rounded smooth form of the egg is a strange middle place between flatness and actual sculpted forms that was an interesting puzzle.  I hope that the marriage of the industrial yet vulnerable city and the strong yet fragile egg makes sense to viewers as it did to me.