Broken Melodies - Discordant Fragments. Collage

Broken Melodies - Discordant Fragments - Re-integrating. Collage

Broken Melodies - Discordant Fragments- Re-integrating. Collage

Broken Melodies - Discordant Fragments- Re-integrating. Collage

Audra Skuodas

Oberlin, OH


1964  MA  Northern Illinois University
1962  BA   Northern Illinois University

Solo Exhibitions

2013    The Cleveland Artists Foundation
2007   1point618 Gallery
2006   MOTI HASSON Gallery
1984    Coburn Art Gallery
DATE  Kelkawley Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2013   Riffe Gallery
2001   Spaces
2000   Mondrianhuis

Selected Collections

To Come

Artist Statement

Initially my response to Charles’s invitation was “ What a quirky but novel idea.” The more I thought about it. The more I thought about it, it became clear that the concept of making art on an ostrich egg could be a really meaningful [rather than frivolous ] endeavor - especially within the purpose which my art holds at its core. Throughout my evolution as an artist, I have repeated the titling of various series of works titled either ‘Vibrational Vulnerability” or “Broken Melodies - Discordant Fragments”.  I feel we live in a world full of sound bytes, hyped or virtual reality and desensitized comprehensionlacking in reflective wisdom.  The simile of Humpty Dumpty fable coming often to mind.  It became an intensely meaningful and hopeful process that perhaps the technology which allowed the initial fragmentation could allow for a cohesive re-orchestration as a result of the indelible human spirit.  Thus, the title “ Broken Melodies - Discordant Fragments - Re-integrating.”