Sailor. Oil Paint

Sailor. Oil Paint

Betsy DeFusco

Columbus, OH


1994  MFA The Ohio State University
1969  BS  University of Dayton

Solo Exhibitions

2014  Blessed Horizon, German Village Meeting Haus
2011   Pond/Vine, Hudson D. Walker Gallery (Provincetown)
2008  Recent Paintings and Works on Paper, Keny Galleries
2004  More Crossings, The OSU Faculty Club

Group Exhibitions

2015   Remnants, The OSU Urban Arts Space
2014   Exchanges, Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery (Columbus)
2013   The Ohio State Fair
2009  Exhibition at the Ohio Governor's Residence
2006  Art and Artifice, Richard M. Ross Art Museum
              (Delaware, OH)          
2005   Made in Ohio, Diverse Sources, Riffe Gallery

Selected Collections

Hilton Hotel (Columbus, OH)
The Ohio State University
Huntington National Bank (Columbus, OH)
Alliance Capital (New York, NY)
State Teachers Retirement Fund (Columbus, OH)

Artist Statement

When asked to paint an egg for the Egg Hatching Project, I had no idea how challenging it would prove to be.  I started out by choosing colors I wanted to see and gessoed the egg.  When I began painting the egg, I knew everything was going to be different.  The texture of the surface, even with the gesso, was completely different than the paper or canvas I am used to working on.  The paint seemed to soak into the surface, even with the gesso.  Then there was the issue of three dimensionality.  What a shock to realize how challenging it was to paint this sculptural object when I have only ever painted on a flat surface.  I decided to approach it like I do my paintings, with a lot of patience.  Since I paint thins layers in oil, I have to wait for one layer to dry before covering with the next layer.  Because I had to hold the egg in one hand to paint it, I could only do one end of the egg at a time before placing it in a holder I devised to let the egg dry.  Then there was the issue of "straight lines" which in many of my works are part of the image.  Halfway through, I was wishing my design was more organic.  Eventually, the layers began to build up and the egg began to look more complete.  The whole time I worked on it, I feared dropping it and breaking it and having to start over!  But luckily this did not happen and at long last, I felt the egg was finished.  I am pleased to be chosen to be a part of this project and so enjoyed the learning experience involved in making my egg.