Protected from the Elements. Watercolor

Protected from the Elements. Watercolor

Protected from the Elements. Watercolor

Cody Heichel

Columbus, OH



Solo Exhibitions

2014  Watercolors, Marcia Evans Gallery, Columbus, OH
2013  Contemporary Mediums, Marcia Evans Gallery,
            Columbus, OH

Group Exhibitions

2014  Watercolor Ohio 2014, Mansfield Art Center,
             Mansfield, OH
2014  Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, Columbus, OH
2013  Watercolor Ohio 2013, Firelands Association for the                         Visual Arts, Oberlin, OH


2014  Art For Life, People’s Choice Award
2014  Marti Fenker Memorial Award, Ohio Watercolor Society
2013  Merit Award, Ohio Watercolor Society

Artist Statement

My approach to watercolor painting focuses on the use of bold colors and high-contrast tonalities to create atmospheric interpretations of daily, recognizable scenery.  Using spontaneous brushwork and heavy amounts of watercolor pigment, I aim to capture the mood and movement of each subject.  Mysterious figures often occupy the focal point of each composition, and it is through their individual appearance and body language, as well as the language of their environment, that the story of each scene unfolds. 

In my piece "Columbus Composition" I considered how the egg itself represents a form of shelter, as well as the many ways in which we all seek both short-term and long-term refuge in our lives.  While these safe-spaces provide us with a great sense of comfort, it is often through our exposed self that we make progress.  For me, my involvement in this project has certainly exemplified this concept, and I now see this egg as having been a direct challenge to the artistic comfort zone I had been residing in for a bit too long.