Title. Oil Paint

Title. Oil Paint

Title. Oil Paint

Title. Oil Paint

Elsie Sánchez

Dublin, OH



1994  MFA The Ohio State University
1992  BFAThe Ohio State University, Summa Cum Laude

Solo Exhibitions

2012   Keny Galleries
2010   Keny Galleries
2008  Keny Galleries
2004  Keny Galleries
2001   Barth Galleries
1999   Barth Galleries
1997   Barth Galleries
1995   Barth Galleries

Group Exhibitions

2013   Ross Art Museum
2013   Carnegie Gallery
2010   Strathmore Hall Arts Center

Selected Collections

Greater Columbus Arts Council
The Ohio State University
KBK Enterprises

Artist Statement

Before beginning this project, I contemplated several ideas and approaches all of which were different from my oil paintings.  I soon decided to treat it much like my two-dimensional work.  I thought making a painting in the round would be intriguing and challenging.

One of the challenges of painting the egg was its small size and its fragility.  I was forced to treat it like a delicate object.  It was also very small compared to my paintings which are in the 5’ x 6’ range so it became more of a meditative process.  I was able, however, to mold and weave the paint and glaze the surface while I physically moved around the egg which I had placed on a dowel-rod stand.  I found myself being gentler than I normally am while I removed some of the glaze and rubbed the residue deeper into the crevices.  I added, removed, and changed passages in the work with a little awkwardness which I actually enjoyed.  This is an important part of the work because the struggle to connect, mend, and make sense forms the character of the marks.

Instead of incorporating the egg’s white surface or emphasizing its delicate and fragile nature into the piece, I transformed it to appear solid and concrete.