Top Hat. Acrylic Paint and Marker

Top Hat. Acrylic Paint and Marker

Top Hat. Acrylic Paint andMarker

Kyle Boganwright

Hilliard, OH
Kyle Boganwright (@kylebgalleries) | Twitter


BFA Candidate, Columbus College of Art & Design
Minor:  Art History

Solo Exhibitions

2014  Mallory Lane Salon & Gallery
2014  RAW Gallery, Columbus, OH
2013  RAW Gallery, Columbus, OH
2012  831 Gallery
2011   Marcia Evans Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2013  Ohio Invitational Art Competition

Selected Collections

RAW Gallery
Mallory Lane Salon & Gallery
Columbus Metropolitan Library

Artist Statement

My style finds its roots in pop surrealism, and abstract expressionism.  Animation in its many forms has impacted me greatly. Many artists have influenced my work.  I feel a particular kinship with the lowbrow style of the famed illustrator Ralph Steadman.  When I am creating my artwork there is a particular sort of loose expressive look I am trying to achieve.  I find myself to be particularly sensitive to the energy an image gives off.  My works employ bright, engaging colors and loud graphics.  I want my artwork to impact viewers.

 Art can bring us together as humans.  It bonds us in collective experiences and emotions.  We can see man as a cooperative force.  It can be a useful analogy to see man as if he makes up something bigger.  We are shaped from the people, sights, tests, sounds, energies, around us.  We develop predispositions based on each other and our experiences.  Something that is said or otherwise communicated to one individual can cause an impact.  I want to be a vehicle of change and impact through my art. 

 A single person can have a tremendous impact.  In some small way, one can theoretically affect the world.  The arts can be an amazing tool for this.  They have a way of tapping into what it is to be human, and have a knack for reaching a much broader collective then spoken word.  Art can have a domino effect of influence.  It should never be forgotten that small changes are what make the biggest differences.  These are some of the reasons why I feel fortunate to have a talent in the visual arts.  I treat my work as reflections of myself.  I often get trapped in my paintings. 

 Visual communication is special.  Through art you give someone a gift that was already inside of them.  You allow them to experience your work and take away a part of you.  This is the prize of being an artist.

 The ostrich egg allowed me to use all surfaces and to connect the images to each other. This is different than the usual 2-D work I do. I used primordial images in this piece that crop that connection to mental noise.  The images attempt to approach power symbols in connection to archaic tribal imagery.  I like to layer thoughts, colors, time periods and ideas.  All cultures are intertwined in a complex web of collective archetypes. My approach to painting is very expressionistic, applying marks in a crude yet complex way. The marks move towards integration and beauty.

 I am heavily influenced by esoteric psychology, looking to figures such as Jung for wisdom. In my personal studies I seek to reconcile the fringe with the mundane. This allows primordial energies to effectively be transmuted and combined with business mindedness.

The dimensionality of the egg allows for an intimate and dynamic way of working that is to be much enjoyed.  The egg is the symbol of growth and peace, and the representations on it reflect this.