The House in The Trees. Pen & Ink

The House in The Trees. Pen & Ink

The House in The Trees. Pen & Ink

The House in The Trees. Pen & Ink

Marc Lincewicz

Columbus, Ohio


1992  BFA  Columbus College of Art & Design

Solo Exhibitions

2011  Sharon Weiss Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2016  Schumacher Gallery, Capital University (Bexley, OH)
2015  Keny Galleries
2013  Keny Galleries

Selected Collections

Hilton Hotel (Columbus, OH)
Andrew Haines & Chad Carpenter
Timothy & James Keny
Sharon Weiss

Artist Statement

I don't normally draw on eggs.  In fact, this one may be the only one for the entirety of my art-making career.  I'm also not sure I would do it again.  I fought the unusual surface and shape more than I expected.  I went into the project naively thinking ... well, it's white, it's a surface - how hard can this be?  Well, it's not paper and pen does not respond the same way on round surfaces.  That was annoying.  But eventually my egg and I formed a friendship and I began to settle into working within the perceived limitations.  (There actually were no limitations; only the ones I placed on myself).  The end result is a pleasing image that feels like it belongs among my style of drawing.  A nice surprise was how the shape added an unexpected depth.  Its still a flat drawing on a flat surface, but being round, I felt I could walk around the drawing or, in my case, specifically walk around the wooded scene and see the front and back of the structure, even if the back is only in shadow.  Sculptors reading this are probably rolling their eyes, but for us 2D creators, the experience was a nice change of pace.  I'm honored to be a part of the collection along with so many incredible and talented artists.  I don't know how my egg stacks up, but I liked it.  And I hope you like it too!